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2016 - A Brand New Year!

What a start to 2016!  First Place Small Chorus and 2nd Place Overall, uh.......were we surprised?  Yes!  Were we proud....YEAH BABY!!  Voices has a tradition of working hard AND smart, we have a high level of regional attendance and we place a lot of importance on what we learn from seminars AND our coaching.  We owe our placement this year to our focus on keeping all our wonderful training from Dede in place and continuing to learn and grow with our new director.  What a thrill and a pleasure to take this amazing history and continue on and build a new future. 

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It's our favorite time of year!! Christmas is coming and After Eight has gigs coming in all over the place (well, really just here in Bakersfield:)  We start with a tree lighting ceremony on Black Friday at the Town and Country Shopping Center and we expect some great news coverage as a popular local meterologist will be hosting the event and interviewing the participants, then we've got a big holiday party for a group of retired teachers and we just received two more requests from the booking website, Gig Salad.

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Vegas Baby!

So excited for this years International competition in Vegas!  It's After Eights' first real 'road trip', we're all going and staying together and we couldn't be more excited.  Can't wait to see Dede onstage along with Region 11's Santa Monica Chorus (go Aja!) and our quartet representatives, Cachet (with Mary Ashford singing bass!).   There's a Sweet Adeline app for the event, just go to your app store and search under Sweet Adeline, you'll see the Vegas app pop up, you can connect to the webcast and get scores, it's a really nice app!


If you're new to Sweet Adelines, the webcast is a great way to see what we're all about, don't miss the chorus finals on Saturday, the finalists put together a 15 minute package and the talent is outstanding!


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Tuesday is for Singing!

What better way to spend Tuesday nights than with your friends making music! I love our new pieces (especially Everything:) and how much fun it is singing for and learning from our new director!

Very exciting to have two beautiful guests, Katie and Judy, hope to see them back next week :)

Can't wait for next week!

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Happy Wednesday!

Happy Wednesday everyone!  If you are like me, you can hardly close your eyes when you get home on Tuesday night, my brain is just buzzing with excitement.  I love the package that we are doing and your enjoyment really shows on your faces.  Next week, it's time to 'let it go', put on our best performers face and get ready to WOW our Friends and Family on Tuesday the 17th.  How cool is it that we will have more than two or three songs ready to perform for them!!  That was something that always freaked me out about F& F, everyone gets there, we sing two songs and then we sing them again and......that's it!  Not for Voices, we're putting on a SHOW!!  Now would be a really good time to invite anyone that you think would be a good candidate for our new director, please reach out, take f