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Happy Independence Day!

What a glorious day! We had two wonderful performances during the day - one at Yosemite Gardens and one a Brookdale, both retirement homes. Both audiences joined us singing our patriotic songs. It was awesome being able to recognize the men and women who served in the armed forces. We even met two former Sweet Adelines! Our evening was spent at the Madera Municipal Golf Course - strolling around the golf course singing for the people who gathered to watch the fireworks. It really made me appreciate the fantastic people who are part of this great country.

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2016 #1 Small Chorus - #2 Region 11 Chorus

What a weekend! Voices United is the 2016 #1 Division A Small Chorus champion! As if that weren't enough - the icing on the cake, we're also the #2 chorus overall in Region 11! Only one chorus beat our score - the Santa Monica Chorus - and they were AWESOME!

Best of all - Michael Ogdon, our director, received the award for 2016 Novice Director.

Our wonderful After Eight quartet came in 6th place this year - in a VERY tight contest. Only six points separated #4 and #6! You know they're still #1 with us!

It was a fantastic weekend. Besides all the awards, it was great fun re-connecting with old friends and seeing/hearing all the wonderful quartets and choruses in our region. Can't wait for next year!

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Harmony Valley Celebration

Saturday found us in Merced - helping Harmony Valley Chorus celebrate their 50th anniversary! They had a fantastic show with a little bit of everything - Harmony Valley Chorus, a handbell group, After Eight, Caprice, a jazz band, Voices United Chorus, and a ukulele group! It was a blast. Congratulations to Harmony Valley for celebrating in style.

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Coaching with Shirley

What a night! Shirley Kout coached our Merced performance last night. Then she placed us and coached us for our contest songs. It was a truly awesome evening.

I could not believe how the sound changed as Shirley moved people around the risers. She started with our Leads and then added the Baris. The sound was awesome. Then she added the Tenors - glorious! When she finally added the Basses, we had a full, resonant sound - that sounded like a whole lot more people than we had on the risers!

Michael and Shirley worked so well to help get us to the next level - layering on more skills to the ones Michael already drew out of us. It is so wonderful being part of this group. I can't wait to see what the next few weeks bring.

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What a fantastic show!

WOW! What a fantastic show! One of our best ever! The chorus is sounding pretty awesome. We had a wonderful group of women join our Christmas Chorus and they performed great in the second half of our show. It was great seeing Michael perform and wishing Dede good-bye. Dede is stepping up on the risers, and Michael is stepping in front of the chorus. The wonderful show we put on is a great indication of how well we're making the transition between directors.

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Wine, Women, and Song

We're only a week away from our annual show - Wine, Women, and Song! And have we got a show for you!

Join us for an evening of wonderful food, exciting silent auction, heavenly dessert auction - and fantastic singing!

Doors open at 5:30, dinner at 6:30, show at 7:30 p.m. Contact your favorite chorus member for tickets - or click on CONTACT and send us a message!

It's so exciting - we can't wait! See you at the show!

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Bunco Night!

We had a great time at David's Gift Shop in Reedley Thursday night - playing Bunco, singing, and shopping with our Bunco discount! Can't beat that for a great evening!

For more pictures, go to our Facebook page and see all the fun!