New Member Site Almost Ready to Go!

Bea Knaapen's picture

I'm still testing some of the features of our new member site - and Groupanizer is still fixing some of the glitches, but we're almost ready to switch over to our new member site. I think you'll see it has a cleaner, sleeker look.

With Notifications turned on, you'll receive email messages when we add an event to our calendar - like our rehearsals. When you get a notification, please respond. It really helps our directors know who is going to be at rehearsal (or a performance) and who is not. If something unexpected comes up, you should also continue to call your section leader and/or director to let them know you won't be at rehearsal.

The Music Learning feature is similar to our current system. Again, we're not changing the way you qualify for your songs. You can upload to the site or sing directly to your section leader.

When you go to the new site, you may also want to take a good look at our new public site. We're almost ready to go public with that as well. Talk about a change in style! Our new public site is very dynamic and should catch the attention or our viewers.

We are moving forward on so many areas - open division contest - new websites - a great show coming up! What an exciting time to be part of Voices United Chorus!