Happy Wednesday!

Erin Lunn's picture

Happy Wednesday everyone!  If you are like me, you can hardly close your eyes when you get home on Tuesday night, my brain is just buzzing with excitement.  I love the package that we are doing and your enjoyment really shows on your faces.  Next week, it's time to 'let it go', put on our best performers face and get ready to WOW our Friends and Family on Tuesday the 17th.  How cool is it that we will have more than two or three songs ready to perform for them!!  That was something that always freaked me out about F& F, everyone gets there, we sing two songs and then we sing them again and......that's it!  Not for Voices, we're putting on a SHOW!!  Now would be a really good time to invite anyone that you think would be a good candidate for our new director, please reach out, take flyers to your kids music teacher, let's take this opportunite to make some NEW Friends while we thank our families for their support.

Dede and I appreciate your focus, hard work and attention to detail, this is one sharp Open Division Package, can't wait to show the Region what we've been up to!

Please take extra good care of yourselves, lots of water, sleep and positive energy will help us all get to Bakersfield as healthy as we can be!

Remember, LOOP< LOOP<LOOP!  (that means run the whole package in your head, inthe morning especially and before you go to sleep:)

Love to all -- d & e