2016 #1 Small Chorus - #2 Region 11 Chorus

Bea Knaapen's picture

What a weekend! Voices United is the 2016 #1 Division A Small Chorus champion! As if that weren't enough - the icing on the cake, we're also the #2 chorus overall in Region 11! Only one chorus beat our score - the Santa Monica Chorus - and they were AWESOME!

Best of all - Michael Ogdon, our director, received the award for 2016 Novice Director.

Our wonderful After Eight quartet came in 6th place this year - in a VERY tight contest. Only six points separated #4 and #6! You know they're still #1 with us!

It was a fantastic weekend. Besides all the awards, it was great fun re-connecting with old friends and seeing/hearing all the wonderful quartets and choruses in our region. Can't wait for next year!