2016 Unsung Hero(ine) Award

The Unsung Hero(ine) Award recognizes a member from each Region 11 chorus who is that special "get it done" person – someone who contributes significantly to the success of our chorus. Each year during contest weekend, all of the Region 11 Unsung Hero(ine)s are recognized during the Regional brunch on Sunday morning.

Our 2016 Unsung Hero(ine) is Sue Walker.

Sue found Voices United Chorus in the early spring of 2013. She attended her first rehearsal and never looked back;  a true Barbershop fanatic was born. She quickly joined the chorus as a baritone.  When the chorus (and Caprice) needed a tenor, Sue enthusiastically switched parts.  Recently she was asked to switch back to baritone for the good of the chorus. She did so without a complaint. Her unwavering support of the chorus makes her our unsung hero. Her quirky humor, mismatched socks, and penchant for bowties keep us all smiling. In just a few short years, she has made herself a VITAL part of the chorus. She is our Communications Coordinator and has done a fabulous job with our newsletter.  Sue also is a budding arranger and has attended SAI workshops to develop her skills. Voices United is blessed to have Sue as a member of our chorus and we thank her for her many contributions!