2016 - A Brand New Year!

Erin Lunn's picture

What a start to 2016!  First Place Small Chorus and 2nd Place Overall, uh.......were we surprised?  Yes!  Were we proud....YEAH BABY!!  Voices has a tradition of working hard AND smart, we have a high level of regional attendance and we place a lot of importance on what we learn from seminars AND our coaching.  We owe our placement this year to our focus on keeping all our wonderful training from Dede in place and continuing to learn and grow with our new director.  What a thrill and a pleasure to take this amazing history and continue on and build a new future. 

After Eight is the lucky recipient of all of this learning and growth as we have Dede as our primary coach and we are constantly learning at each and every rehearsal.  We are so proud to be the 6th place quartet in this years' amazing competition and we send our congratulations to all of the 2016 medal winners! 

After Eight LOVES our Region, we LOVE our organization and we LOVE Barbershop!  We are committed to keep working, keep growing and to keep spreading the joy of harmony in the Central Valley.

YAY Voices!  We LOVE you and your amazing support - Thank you so much.