Summer Cool Down

Bea Knaapen's picture

We had such wonderful guests last week! I think most of them are just waiting for the chance to make their official audition for chorus! It's so wonderful seeing their enthusiasm on the risers. They will be wonderful members - hopefully in a few weeks.

This was our last rehearsal before going dark - no rehearsals the next two weeks. We like to give members a little time in the summer to spend with their families or take vacation.

Any members and guests who want to work on our new songs will be coming to my home on Tuesday. We'll take a look at Michael's tags for Summer Sizzler, our new songs, our competition songs - and also have some fun along the way. Next week it'll be more ice cream social than singing - but we'll still be singing! The singing brought us all together, and the fun unites us!

Keep cool during these hot days. You can find us at our regular rehearsal hall starting August 2! See you then.